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Frequently Asked Questions

Resolve helps consumers get what they deserve from businesses. Basically, you tell us about a problem you had with a business, and we sort it out for you.

About 40 seconds. Tell us the situation and give us any supporting documentation (such as an email confirmation, order #, etc.) that we might need to help us resolve the issue.

No. We are representing you(and the company you have an issue with) and work to reach a fair resolution for all. But since we aren't the company itself, we can't guarantee you anything except that we'll try very hard to get you what you want!

By helping your customers with their issues quickly, improving your brand's image in their mind. We aren't on the customer's side and we aren't on the business' side - we are a helpful, neutral third party that wants to find quick resolutions for issues that may arise.

We define a reasonable issue as an issue that arose where you did nothing wrong and where somehow "wronged" by the company. For example, if you took a flight and experienced a 5 hour delay because they had logistics issues, you are an innocent victim and deserve compensation. If you took a flight and experienced a 5 minute delay, we would politely decline taking up your case.

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Send us your resume and why you're passionate about customer service. is based in Lagos, Nigeria. Currently, we are available worldwide but our focus countries are Nigeria and Ghana. Other African countries will follow soon.

We will never, ever sell or use your info for any reason except to help you resolve an issue. For more details, visit our privacy policy.

We take our commitment to you very seriously, and we exist to help eliminate frustration between consumers and businesses. We're the good guys, we promise!

Resolve is free!

We're a new company building a name for ourselves. At this time our services are completely free for consumers. For businesses, please follow this link and speak to us to know more about how we can add value to your business.

There is none, enjoy our high quality, easy-to-use service - and save yourself time and money.

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